StephanieCodeXJourneys is a personal sabbatical journal. I spent the last six years in financial regulation and resigned to travel the world, pursue other interests, and see where I can most add value.

Why CodeXJourneys?

I’ll be learning and travelling and finding my next purpose. I’m open to new directions. This is, in all ways, a journey.

A codex is a book, associated with learning since the Romans first bound paper together to replace scrolls.

I had a blog called The X Journal in grad school about 10 years ago, so it’s true to form.

I enjoy programming in Xcode (I’m told this is weird, but I do), so it’s a nifty play on words.

Now, onward.

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  1. Erwin L

    Hi, I plan to continue to read your blog after work today especially about your journey learning swift. I’m planning in enrolling in Thinkful and take the Swift course. Any tips for someone with no experience? What were your pros/cons during the course? Where are you now in building apps and goals? Thanks

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