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Why I Travel Now, Not Someday

I always wanted to see the world.

Someday, I whispered to soothe my mind. Someday.

I was on a good career track. I kept getting promoted. I couldn’t leave now. I saw friends taking leaps and taking trips and continued to get up and get on the subway and travel downtown.

My Starbucks consumption went up. Tea is soothing.


I watched oil prices spike in 2008, fall in 2009, settle back to somewhere in the middle, but higher than before, like a tide that slowly creeps in until you’re standing knee-deep, surrounded.


New York City flooded after Hurricane Sandy. Rats washed away when the subways filled with water. They crept back, after a few months. Everything returned to normal. I paid for my studio and got promoted again.


Airline tickets cost more than they did 10 years ago. $250 for L.A.-to-Newark in 2001. $670 for Newark-to-SF last month. Frequent-flyer mile devaluation is taking off.

Someday became today in May.

Because I want to travel. And there are still empty seats on planes and tickets for anyone with miles or $600.

If I wait to retire, 25 years will pass by. 30 years. If plane tickets cost $10,000 or 1,000,000 frequent-flyer miles, if there are fewer flights per day, if retirement is at age 70, if I’m too sick or didn’t make it to retirement or became a caretaker, wishes won’t take me there.

I’ve seen too many people never get their Someday. They play by the rules but can’t control all the factors, random or not, that determine life’s course.

So someday is today. Maybe there’ll be more of it next year, next decade, and in 30 years. Which would be wonderful. There could be new ways of getting around the planet, ample opportunity and mobility, great breakthroughs.

But there are no givens.

So I travel now. I travel light, and I learn as I go, and I’ll do my best to carry something useful from this experience into whatever I do next.

Don’t wait. Whatever your someday is, take steps to make it real, starting today.